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Pi Motion Camera

What's needed

  • Pi Zero W
  • Fake dummy security camera

Build Process

Have had a raspberry pi zero w outside running Motion to capture images of hummingbirds when approaching the feeder.


Great prototype setup, however for a more permament setup a proper case is needed.

While browsing an overseas online retailer I stumbled upon this dummy camera:


The dimensions are absolutely perfect for hosing the Pi Zero W, the only ussue being the USB power cable for the Pi, I'd recommend a Micro-USB cable with a 90 degree angle as it helps with everything fitting inside the dummy camera case. Such as: chrome_2018-08-20_19-26-31

First step is to open the dummy camera. The inside is merely a fake array of infrared LED's, with one real LED that's powered by two AA batteries.


Currently do not have a dremel to cut away some of the plastic from the AA-battery compartment, so instead set the raspberry pi on top.


Next step was to preperly secure the pi camera to the inside of the dummy case itself, to ensure the lens inside is always pointing in the same direction and does not drift.


The design of the dummy case was perfect for this! Was able to screw the fake infrared array back into the battery compartment - with the camera wedged between the two. This properly secures the lens! Can even skake the whole thing now with quite a bit of force and the lens focus was still centered.


Here's what the camera looks like now, before putting the modified unit back into the fake dummy case.

Notice the hole for the micro-USB cable. A 90 degree angled cable would have resolved this issue, however did not have one on hand. Luckily the camera has a protectice hat, which covers the hole as well and protects the device outside.


Completed project ready to be mounted outside!

Captured images